Blasting MY Media

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Macy's Thankgiving Day Parade

Who is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade directed toward? It makes me laugh how much I loved it when I was little and I watch it now and am disinterested and find myself not caring. When I was really young I would wake myself up in order to see the big balloons, beautifully decorated floats, and the energetic dancers. Maybe children don’t think of how cheesy it is and just want to see it for entertainment value. This kind of relates to the fact that Christmas morning when parents are trying to rest from being up all night with presents children get up early to open the presents that Santa had left. As we get older we are not as interested in the entertainment value of television but the informational aspect of it. I now understand why I want to be an advertising major to relate more to the audiences that need the information at hand. Children want to see fun characters and adults want information in a way they can relate to it. Advertisement is such an interesting field because there is so many intricate sections to think of and audiences to please. Everyday we are tested to see what we like and it’s totally amazing that everyone is different.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Speed of Light

Everything is so fast. Commercials and even television shows are speeding up. Why does the world have to go faster and faster everyday. My theory is that we were all really slow many years ago and people started realizing they wanted things faster. Instant gratification is on the minds of millions of Americans everyday. Even in things like losing weight, people give up their diet plans because they do no see immediate results. Attention spans of the world have shortened to a point where it is almost impossible to have a television show about one certain subject. I was watching the TV show Weeds (have you heard of it its about a white woman who finds herself in the drug dealing business. Yes, it's really really funny!) but they jump from one area of the show to the other. It's sometimes hard to keep track of what is going on because there are so many characters and different plots for each character. Even though this is difficult for new comers to adjust to, the hard core followers are right there as the scenes change and the dialog differs. My point about commercials is that the advertisers are trying to make us think we have to do everything faster in order to get more information faster to be able to live our lives faster! Everything is just faster! (Check out this Sprint commercial that is the perfect example) It's kind of crazy how television, media, and life are expected to be fast when everyone really just wants to slow down. Maybe we can escape the fast and just be normal.


Um What?

Why does the news continue to cover stupid topics that have nothing to do with anything important in society? Why does entertainment tonight or dateline or whatever it is called continue to do stories on the same people (who by the way no one cares about) over and over again? Is our world getting that boring that we have nothing new to talk about? I know that isn't the case ... there is always something going on right? Okay if there is always something happening then how come all i hear on the news is about floods in a city that barely exists or on night time shows about anorexic twins who will never escape their disorder. I would watch the news if it was actually about something that was important but no wonder our society hates news shows and having to watch them ten times a day. People don't care about real stuff anymore. All we want to see is what is put in the movies. The news needs to be exciting for people to actually want to turn it on and see what is happening. There hasn't been a scandal in news in forever! Don't get me wrong there are some people who do care about what is going on in every nook and cranny of our state but majority rules in this case. I don't know maybe I'm just still too young. When I grow up though, I'll let you know if my views have changed or I'm still the same old too good for real news kind of girl....


Monday, November 13, 2006

Money Money Money

Why do some website require an account and a monthly charge? I can't understand the point of making a website just to charge people to use it. Do people actually pay to see more of the website? As I was looking at my foreign website (, I tried to become a member but then found out there was a charge to see the special behind the scenes footage. Oh no does this mean I'm missing out on modeling tryout and anorexic girls getting upset about not getting picked? Ah man! That's just too bad. Aside from fashion website where you have to pay to use them, there are also news websites or magazine website in which you have to pay and subscribe to use them. If you can get the newspaper or magazine in a hard copy why pay to get it online? I don't know maybe I'm crazy. Anyway my point is that we pay for internet so websites should all be free. Informational, education, and social should all be free and easy to use. Just because we don't have the money or don't wanna pay shouldn't restrict us from using certain website. Maybe someday we'll get it all for free or perhaps everything will be charged. We'll see...


Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Place For Friends?

What was the attraction to MySpace? Don't get me wrong I too was sucked into the phenomenon of Mr. Tom. From what I've heard MySpace was designed as a dating site for adult around the 30 year old range. From what I've seen MySpace has attracted a younger crowd around high school or college age. Why did this younger group of people catch on to MySpace so well? Did we not see each other in school everyday? Did we not hang out with the same people every weekend and do the same activities week after week? Can Tom (the founder) really be making money off of a free website? Is it legal for 30 year olds to be hitting on kids as young as 14? There are so many questions about MySpace that have been brought up during the past few years but I will focus on the money and advertising part of this whole situation. Tom is making money from this even if it is free to the public. So many advertising companies and product companies that know how popular MySpace is. These companies definitely take advantage of this and advertise on the main MySpace page. Eventually there are going to be people that will click on the products links or see the products and become interested and buy the products. Just like some blogs we have seen in class and see how people can make a living from the people that advertise on the side of their blog posts (Dooce's blog comes to mind). I'm sure Tom is in somewhat of the same situation because so many people go to MySpace daily so the advertisers get that much more exposure and are willing to pay the money needed to display their products to the rest of the world. I guess blogging really is the way to go ... It sounds profitable to me!!!


Monday, November 06, 2006

Product Placement

Nothing ruins a movie or TV show as much as a blatant product picture in the background of staring you in the face in a scene. Some of the objects to use for thise product placement are soda bottles, posters, clothing, and cars. Producers get money from companies to put their brand name in their TV show or movie. This subtly puts the image of the product in your mind. Sometimes when easily influenced people see celebrities on the screen using a certain product they go out and buy it just because they think it is what is popular. I wanted to bring up this fact a bout being influenced because the students who are making the Chevy commericial will have to set a target audience with whom they are trying to sell the car. They have to realize who they want to sell the Chevy to so that the car can be placed in a certain TV show or movie. This will then make people wish they were driving that car and that leads them to actually buying the car and the product managers win again. So the next time you watch TV or take a trip to the movies look at the products used and see if they are trying to sell you something, changes are they are.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Class On Tuesday Blew My Mind

So basically I loved class on Tuesday solely for the reason that I want to be those people. Being behind the scenes and taking pictures and filming reality shows would be the so cool. Ms. Buchwitz was that like the best weekend of your life? Was it really cool to follow around a camera crew filming a reality show? I know you said it was annoying to have to re-film everything but wow you're going to be on a reality show! I can't even imagine how excited the three San Jose State kids were! Wow. I know it would be the greatest experience for me thus far. I actually am doing this post to find out more information from someone on how to get started with more advertising stuff like that. I know a lot of people don't care about magazines, commercials, and ads in general but there is something about all that that sparks my interest. I could flip through magazine ads all day and not get tired of seeing the hundreds of pictures and catchy phrases. I really feel like I'm writing about nothing right now and I'm just babbling at almost 6 o'clock in the morning but I honestly love the whole advertising world! So yea if anyone has information or intership help on how to get more experience please let me know, I would appreciate it so much!


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cool Will Hunting

Since the beginning of advertising there have been people hired to hunt for the things that are considered cool by society. The purpose of the "cool-hunters" is to find the popular trends in a certain group. For instance the cool-hunters in New York wouldn't be looking for the same popular things as the hunters in Los Angeles or Texas. A specific example of that that comes to mind is the infamous Ugg boots. These boots have been around for more than a decade so how come they have only become popular and well known recently? The answer: someone decided that if the target audience was younger and had more advertising they would have a boom. Well in 2003 this boom was huge. People realized that these were popular and to be in that cool group you needed Ugg boots. In all honesty that is the most superficial thing ever. Does that matter? Not really because people are still going to follow the crowd no matter what. It is the cool-hunters job to make an impression on people to make them think they will only be important with certain possessions. The truth is definitely harsh and this world is definitely based on superficiality but it continues and will always continue to happen. Next time you buy something think of your reasoning and think about all those cool-hunters out there trying to make their living ... maybe someday you'll be the cool-hunter...